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Young woman taking a winter walk in a down jacket

Washing and drying down sleeping bags and down jackets

Since they are cuddly warm and pleasantly light, they help us to get through the cold season: down jackets with their uncomplicated comfort are among the most popular winter basics. Voluminous down sleeping bags as well provide valuable services to outdoor fans from temperatures of zero degrees Celsius. But what should you do if your favorite warming pieces are in need of a thorough wash? Our step-by-step guide will show you how to properly wash down jackets and down sleeping bags.

Washing down jackets yourself - is it possible?

With their light and airy filling, down jackets are real all-time favorites in winter fashion. For a long time, they were considered to be really sensitive in terms of care, but with a little flair, a high-quality mild detergent, such as Perwoll Wolle & Feines Faser Pflege, and the right technique, quilted jackets can be washed and dried at home without any problems. In addition to a washing machine, a drying rack and a tumble dryer, all you need is a little patience. To prevent the fine down and feathers from being damaged in their structure or clumping together, it is recommended to fluff up down jackets and down sleeping bags at regular intervals after washing. In the next section, we will reveal the best way to do this.

How to wash a down jacket? Achieving the perfect result step by step:

  1. A coffee stain here, some soiling there - favorite jackets that are worn frequently need to be cleaned thoroughly sooner or later. This is when many wonder: “what is the best way to wash down jackets, anyway?” If the label shows no instructions to the contrary, the machine can be used quite easily. Before putting your favorite cozy piece into the drum, however, make sure zippers and buttons are closed well. Turning it inside out will also protect your down jacket during the washing cycle in the machine. 
  2. If you have prepared your jacket or sleeping bag accordingly, the selection of a suitable washing program is crucial. Since down and feathers consist mainly of keratin, just like wool, a corresponding program for wool and delicates is recommended. When choosing a detergent, you can also use special products for delicates. Just as your down jacket, a down sleeping bag can be washed in the machine. 
  3. To ensure that your down jacket or down sleeping bag spreads out optimally in the drum and is able to move unhindered within the solution, it is advisable not to add other laundry items. To further loosen up the down filling during the washing program, add tennis balls to the drum
  4. A good alternative to washing your down sleeping bag in the washing machine is gentle hand washing in the bathtub. This should be achieved effortlessly by using warm water at a temperature of about 30°C, the right amount of mild detergent and avoidance of vigorous wringing and fulling.

After washing - drying down sleeping bags and down jackets

After your down coat is freshly washed, drying is now on the agenda. For this purpose, take the jacket or sleeping bag out of the laundry drum as gently as possible. If your favorite piece is to be air dried, you should remove it from the washing machine as horizontally as possible. This prevents the down filling from shifting and clumping. The precious piece can then be optimally spread out on a drying rack. To be able to collect possible dripping water directly, you should put the drying rack in the bathtub. By selecting the right program, down jackets can also be dried in the tumble dryer. Proceed as follows:

Женщина в длинном зеленом пуховике стоит перед кирпичной стеной
Washing down jackets - due to its fine structure, down requires gentle care.
  1. First, make sure that your down jacket, according to the label, is suitable for tumble drying
  2. If this is the case, it is best to put the freshly washed jacket into the drier one piece at a time. This allows it to spread and move freely within the drum. The addition of non-staining tennis balls or special drier balls helps to mix and loosen the down filling during drying. 
  3. Set the drier to a temperature between 30 and 60°C for a period of 40 to 60 minutes
  4. If the jacket is still damp after the first drying, repeat the process until the jacket is completely dry. 
  5. Then you should let your jacket completely air dry on a hanger for another 24 hours. This will prevent the down from developing an unpleasant odor or mold due to residual moisture.

Washing down jackets and other care tips

Are you interested in more tips and tricks for proper care of textiles and fibers? In our blog section you will find valuable suggestions for washing synthetic fibers, the clever drying of laundry in your own home and much more!

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