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Фото ног женщины в слипонах с леопардовым рисунком

Washing black jeans properly

Is this still black or already dark gray? If you like to wear black jeans, you know the problem: after a few washes they begin to fade or get white streaks. This may even look good, but especially with new jeans, you certainly want the black to last. Perwoll has compiled the best tips to keep your jeans jet black for as long as possible.

Preparing black jeans for laundry

Nothing against the used look that dark jeans may get after a few washes - it may look very cool. However, if you want to keep the black of your jeans longer, it's best to start with the right care prior to washing. Always important with dark textiles: check the pockets. For example, paper handkerchiefs may still be hidden inside, which dissolve during washing and leave lint on the fabric. In the case of black clothing, this may mean that it has to be washed a second time - but then, even faster, the color intensity will suffer.

Once the pockets are empty, turn the black jeans inside out. This protects the dye on the outside of the pants. The typical light streaks at the seams, for example, are often caused by abrasion during spinning. Always wash black with other dark colors, because it is impossible to prevent the garments from staining a little. Light textiles would get a gray haze when they are washed with dark clothes.

Washing black jeans properly in the washing machine

Before you put your pants in the washing machine, check the care label to find out the maximum temperature they are able to withstand and if there is anything else you need to consider when cleaning them. Washing is particularly gentle on colors if you select a gentle washing program at 30°C and only a very gentle spinning cycle.

It is very important to use the right detergent. By no means should you use all-purpose detergent, because it contains more bleaching agents dissolving the color from the fabric. The right choice for black jeans is a liquid detergent specifically for dark textiles such as Perwoll Renew & Repair Black and Fibre. This product not only protects black clothes from fading, but also smoothens the fibers of the textiles, making the black appear even more intense.

Фото ног женщины в темных джинсах и темных ботильонах

Home remedies supposed to have a positive effect on the color intensity of dark textiles are vinegar and salt. However, they do not have the fiber care properties or cleaning effect that a special detergent for dark textiles provides. In addition, vinegar is even able to attack the rubber seals of the washing machine. More gentle on clothing and machine is a suitable detergent.

Caring for black jeans after laundry

After washing, it is best to let your black jeans air dry. The heat of the dryer is not good for color and fibers. It is best to hang the jeans on a clothesline in a shady spot outside. Please do not dry in direct sunlight, this will bleach out the black and sooner or later it will turn gray.

Are your black jeans faded over the years, but still fit so perfectly that you don't want to part with them under any circumstances? Then you could re-dye them with textile color from the drugstore. Perwoll's color expert for blacks subsequently helps to keep the new color in the fibers with every wash.

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