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Wool detergent: washing wool and delicates gently

You want your favorite wool or cashmere sweater to last as long as possible? Than it needs intensive care. Use the caring power of Perwoll Wolle & Feines Faserpflege Advanced to give your woolen garments or particularly delicate favorite pieces an extra portion of softness, and experience a pleasant feeling on your skin.

Why is detergent for wool and delicates so important?

You want a gentle cleaning for your delicate garments, so that you can enjoy them as long as possible? This is possible with special detergents for wool and delicates such as silk. They ensure that the fibers of delicate materials such as merino wool are well cared for by the detergent, and that they are not affected. Wool detergents like Perwoll do not contain bleach or brighteners and instead rely on soap and other enzymes for cleaning. They smooth the fibers and help the colors of the clothes to maintain their brilliance.

Most woolen or fine textiles are suitable for hand washing or special delicate washing programs in the washing machine. Wool detergents are convincing by effectively cleaning the laundry even starting at low washing temperatures. The water should not exceed a temperature of 30°C. For only very lightly soiled clothing, a cold wash starting at 20°C is already sufficient. The gentle cleaning keeps the clothes in shape, forming fewer nodules. The best way to find out which washing temperature is particularly suitable for your garments is a glance at the laundry label sewn to the inside of the garment. There you will find all the important information about whether and how to wash your clothes.

In addition, you should only spin your wool and delicates at low speeds in the washing machine. After washing, gently pull the garments back into shape and let them dry by lying them down so that they will not lose their shape.

Washing wool with detergent and fabric softener combined?

To clean delicate fibers such as wool, silk or even down, instinct is required. The active ingredient combination of wool detergents already ensures that the fibers remain soft and cuddly. Perwoll Wolle & Feines Faserpflege Advanced is available as a liquid detergent and as a washing powder - the choice is yours.

Removing stains on wool: is a wool detergent enough?

If there are unsightly stains on clothing made of other materials such as cotton, it is possible to use special stain salts, such as Sil 1 für Alles. Afterwards, you may clean the clothes without hesitation with the appropriate detergent - for example, with Perwoll Renew Advanced Color & Faser for a more intensive color of your clothes or with Perwoll Care & Repair Advanced, with which you will be able to reduce lint and pilling from your clothes.

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