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Washing artificial fur - keeping it beautiful for a long time

Faux fur is eye-catching and often hard to distinguish from real fur. Clothing and accessories made of this material are in vogue: more and more labels are dispensing with sable, mink, chinchilla and the like by creating fashion that not only looks stylish, but is also sustainable and ethically sound. But what to do if your favorite item needs cleaning? To keep your new outfit or home decor made from the fluffy fabric looking great for a long time, it's important to know how to wash artificial fur.

What is artificial fur made of anyway?

As the name suggests, the material is produced artificially. Like corduroy and velvet, it belongs to the category of pile fabrics. The special thing about it: in order to give the fabric a three-dimensional structure, a third thread system is integrated during production, which forms the pile on the right side. While the base fabric is usually made of cotton, a synthetic yarn, for example polyester, is used for the pile. This is woven into the base fabric in such a way that loops are formed on the support side. In the next production step, these are cut open, brushed upwards and sheared as required. To prevent the pile from shedding, an elastic adhesive is applied to the back of the textile. This way, the faux fur has an infinite number of design options. Fake fur can be as soft as cotton batting or as plushy as a teddy bear. In order to keep it that way, it's important to follow some rules when washing artificial fur.

Cleaning artificial fur - the top tips

There are several ways to clean artificial fur: it can be wash in the washing machine, but also by hand. It's best to read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care label.

  • Before starting the washing cycle, turn the textile inside out. This way the plush material is protected.
  • If you decide to put the artificial fur in the washing machine, choose a gentle cycle up to a maximum of 30°C. Keep in mind that even 60°C will cause the fabric to deform nonreversibly.
  • Reduce the spinning speed and skip the spin. The delicate material will thank you.
  • When taking your garment or faux fur accessory out of the washing machine after the rinse cycle, wrap it in a thick towel and roll it back and forth several times. This way, the towel absorbs liquid.
  • Shake the piece afterwards, so that the artificial fur does not clump, and pull it into the right shape.

Possibly, the manufacturer requires hand washing explicitly. In this case, use a sink or a plastic box filled with cold or lukewarm water for the procedure.

  • Add a hand washing agent and wait for foam to form. 
  • Let the artificial fur soak for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly several times using cold water. 
  • You may add fabric softener, for example Vernel, to the water for the last rinsing.

Drying artificial fur - these rules are important

Introducing your artificial fur jacket to an electric dryer – not a good idea! They won't get along, even if the dryer is in a cool setting. A tumble dryer generates heat and friction that destroys the delicate pile fibers. In the worst case, you might even ruin the device. To avoid that drying will take forever, roll the fake fur in a dry towel after washing as described above. Afterwards, it is best to hang the garments on a hanger and take them outside into fresh air or into a well-ventilated room. Use a brush for dogs and cats that will help your favorite piece to be even fluffier.

Unpleasant odors in an artificial fur? No problem

You spent an evening in a restaurant and afterwards your artificial fur coat smells strongly of food? This does not mean that your artificial fur needs to see the washing machine from inside. In order to get rid of the unwelcome vapors, it is sufficient to hang the faux fur in the bathroom while you take a shower. The steam gently eliminates odors.

Which detergent is suitable for woven fur?

To clean the sensitive artificial fur, it is recommended to use a very mild detergent. Perwoll Wolle & Feines is a modern fiber care product, which ensures that the artificial fur remains fluffy. Add a little fabric softener at the beginning of the rinse cycle, this will improve the result even more.

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