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Мужчина в спортивной одежде сидит на корточках на фоне каменной стены и держит в руке напиток синего цвета

Sports detergent: washing functional and sports clothing properly

Anyone who enjoys sports knows: for sportswear, it is important that the materials are light, breathable and elastic. For outdoor sports, water and wind resistance is also of great importance. To impress with its functionality for as long as possible, high-quality sportswear needs effective cleaning that also protects the sensitive fibers. The solution is to use special detergents for sportswear - for example, from Perwoll. They effectively clean sweaty sportswear and care for the material.

What do sportswear detergents accomplish?

Clothing especially made for athletes and active people is becoming more and more sophisticated. Artificial functional fibers have long since replaced pure cotton when it comes to lightweight and quick-drying sportswear. Running or outdoor clothing, for example, is often made partly or entirely of polyester, which, combined with spandex, allows plenty of freedom of movement and dries quickly. Special sports detergents such as Perwoll Sport Activecare Advanced thoroughly clean clothes, eliminate sweat odor and effectively protect them at the same time. With other products such as an all-purpose detergent, you might risk compromising the positive functions of sportswear - including protection against moisture and wind, freedom of movement and flexibility, as well as breathability.

Washing sportswear: using detergent properly

In addition to the right detergent for sports or functional clothing, other aspects are also decisive when caring for sportswear material. Observe the following tips so that you can enjoy your sportswear for as long as possible:

Washing frequency: wash your sportswear after every wear. It does not always have to be a washing program of the washing machine. If you have recently washed the clothes thoroughly, a quick hand wash will do as well. Carefully rinse the clothes with detergent to deal with the smell of sweat in sportswear. After three to four hand washes, the washing machine should be used again. For this, use a short washing program at a low temperature and a low spinning speed to avoid damages to the fibers. Some modern washing machines also have special sportswear washing programs.

Washing temperature: most sports and functional clothing does not tolerate high washing temperatures. However, you can wash most garments at 30°C without hesitation. If in doubt, take a look at the sewn-in labels. They provide information about everything to be observed when washing clothes. This way you avoid the risk of making the sometimes quite expensive sportswear unusable.

Drying: do not put your sportswear in the tumble dryer. In most cases, the temperatures of a tumble dryer are too high for sensitive membrane fibers. It is better to dry your sports clothes in the air, this is gentler.

Женщина в спортивной одежде широкими шагами поднимается по лестнице

Which detergent is best for functional clothing?

For functional or sports clothing, always use a liquid sports detergent such as Perwoll Sport Activecare Advanced. It thoroughly cleans sweaty and soiled sportswear while caring for high-quality fibers. In addition, it neutralizes bad odors and gives your clothes a wonderful freshness. It is explicitly designed for the properties of sports and functional clothing. For example, the detergent protects membrane clothing and ensures that functional textiles remain wind- and waterproof for as long as possible. Depending on the type of textile, you can do your membrane textiles some good not only by using special detergents. Furthermore, refresh the impregnation regularly with waterproofing agents. Finally, a frequent wearing and washing of clothes affects the protective function over time. 

Tip: just as for sports textiles, there is also the optimal detergent for every other item of garment. Try, for example, Perwoll Wolle & Feines for your wool clothing or Perwoll Care & Refresh for all mixed and synthetic textiles.

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